Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy power plant

When you think of a Tidal Energy, you can think of is as an underwater windmill. Tidal Energy is created by the enforcement of the tide going in and out. So when the tide goes in or out, the propeller spins and gathers electricity. Tidal Energy is one of the major renewable energy and it can produce energy for a long time. It is easy to install, and remove So the Tidal Energy is a good way of producing electricity for a long time.

But Tidal Energy is not a really good way of gathering a lot of energy. Because they only move at certain times, they can’t really gather that much energy. And it is easy to install but it costs a lot. Even though lasts long and it is eco-friendly, it still doesn’t collect that much energy. So we can make a long line of Tidal dams that goes all around the US and Canada. We can also make the dam open when a boat has to pass. That way, we can collect much more energy than only on certain places.