The United Arab Emirates

Masdar City, which means “resource” in Arabic, is the world’s first zero-carbon, zero-dust, car-free city, and so on.

  • To get into Masdar City, you have to leave your car outside and use a personal Rapid Transit (PRT) vehicle that’s 40 km /h. Passengers will be arriving at their pre-populated destination.
  •  By using the yellow soil walls to block outside heat, the upper part of the building has been widened to reduce the inflow of light and narrow the gap in the alleys to induce rapid wind flow.
  •  the energy and water demand of buildings is 40 percent lower than average.
  • The wind tower acts as a fan in the city center. It holds hot air inside, then sprays water to cool it down, and circulates it down to provide cool air to the city center.
  • solar power plants are built in nearby deserts to provide the city with the power of the city, and they utilize the infinite energy of the sun and wind deserts under the assumption of running out of oil.Sources: