Solar Energy

A Solar panel out on the sun

The sun has been radiating light and warmth the earth for billions of years. This days, scientists collect energy from the sun. Solar energy is a type of energy that is renewable and convenient energy because we can turn Solar energy to electrical energy. Solar energy convert the heat from thermal to electrical energy and creates a usable electricity. Solar electricity generation represents a clean alternative energy. The Solar Energy collects about 173 thousand TW (terawatts). Solar energy will enhance sustainability, reduce pollution of the fuel use, lowers the global warming chances, and keep fossil fuel prices lower. Today, Solar energy is worldwide.

Solar energy also has some cons like the cost of making the solar panel is expensive and not everywhere is sunny so it is hard to collect much energy. Large area of land needs to be provided to achieve a good level of efficiency. Also cloudy days can affect the amount of energy you can generate.

Generally, solar energy is effective and reduce pollution but on the other hand, there is some cons also. So we can figure out a way to fix the cons. Scientists can find out a special light that has a same figure as the sun so we can collect energy all day long.