South Korea

 Energy harvesting system

In the company ‘Play DNA’, a company that produces children’s play facilities, is making efforts to produce self-powered play equipment.
They are using the way that electric energy is created through the play action of children in a simple play equipment.
With enamel coil and magnet built in, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy when children turn the pedal



Energy Zero Housing EZ House

Houses that reduce energy use by minimizing overall energy production and annual losses

  •  The energy can be produced by the solar panel, and it can produce up to 60% of the electricity used by 121 households including 3 apartment buildings, tenement houses and single-family houses.
  • There is an electric blind outside the terrace. In winter, people raise the blinds to raise the temperature of the room by the sun, and in the summer, people keep the temperature by blocking the sun with the blinds.
  •  condensation is likely to occur between the cold concrete outer wall and the inner insulation in the winter, which inevitably lowers the thermal effect. It is the technology of energy-zero housing that minimizes using energy while producing energy in an environmentally friendly manner.



 Wind Power Complex

There is always a lot of interest and effort in spreading and expanding various renewable energy sources in korea.

Yeonggwang Wind Power Complex is a farming type wind farm which shares the benefits with residents.

  • It installs renewable energy generation facilities in a part of cultivated farmland and produces environment friendly electricity and agricultural products at the same time. It is said that part of the sales revenue or the rent is generated by the local residents.
  • With the completion of Yeonggwang Wind in 2019, 140 MW Wind Farm, the largest in Korea, including the existing Honam Wind and Baekwoo Wind Power, was built.
  • The west coast wind farm is capable of producing 260,000 MW of electricity a year, and is capable of supplying electricity to 76,286 households.