Hydrogen Energy

A tank that contains H2

Hydrogen energy is not known to most people but maybe lots of people heard about Hydrogen (H2). Hydrogen is one of the most common elements found on Earth. Hydrogen Energy is a type of energy that can be used on powering ships, vehicles, homes, industries and rockets. The energy is eco-friendly and completely renewable. It is also more powerful than fossil fuels too. Hydrogen Energy is effective and secure to drive a spaceship more effectively and cleanly. Indeed, Hydrogen Energy is about 3 times stronger and useful than the gas compared. So Hydrogen energy is a good way of powering cars, ships and etc.

Hydrogen Energy also has some cons like hydrogen gas is expensive to run, not enough Hydrogen fuel stations and it has lower density than the gasoline. There is not a real solution to this problem, but we can make Hydrogen into a another element. In other ways, we can also add another element to a H2 like H2+O2 = H20.

All in all, Hydrogen Energy is a great source of powering vehicles and industry. We can make the Hydrogen Energy to create a better way of moving vehicles.