Germany is a country that is well known for changing energy conversion. They noticed that the country needed energy conversion after the oil crisis in 1970. And also after the nuclear accident in fukushima, the government declared that they will not use the nuclear energy.

Actually the Germany’s energy became reusable energy because of the policy of angela merkel government. Their goal is to abandon greenhouse gas and use reusable energy by 80%~95% form 1990 to 2050

Germany’s reusable energy is about 40 percent of country’s energy. That’s about half of country’s energy. in 2018 it got 4.3% better then 2017. There use of reusable energy is increasing a little by little.
 Vauban-Eco town 
In the town of Beobong, there is solar-sustaining “Zero Energy House” and “Heliotrope.”

  • Just as sunflowers turn toward the sun, Heliotrope is a typical cylindrical house in the village of Beobong.
  • The front of the cylinder is insulated glass, and the back is covered with insulation. In the winter, the glass side rotates south to get the most sunlight, and in the summer,it changes the direction again. With perfect insulation and ventilation, we can use solar-generated electricity.
  • They produce energy from solar power generators on roofs, provide electricity for buildings, and recycle rainwater for daily use, thereby reducing energy consumption.