the floating wind farm

Britain, the world’s leading producer of offshore wind power, has  introduced the floating wind farm for the first time in the world in 2017.

They have begun operations of a floating offshore wind farm with a capacity of 30 megawatt hours in waters about 25 kilometers off the coast of Everdeen in eastern Scotland. They will supply energy to 20000 houses.  It could help Scotland achieve its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


In  London there is a flore that can make energy if you step on it. It makes the energy if some people stepping on it and spins the generator under it and makes energy. And they use that energy to light in the mall and also cooling and heating the mall. but the mall don’t take the energy people made. They also give some shopping points! So it is good for both mall and costamals.


  • Smart street: London’s Bird Street turns footsteps into electricity, provides clean air – TomoNew

Beddington Zero-fossil Energy Development


It is Britain’s first eco-friendly residential complex in Sutton, south of London from 2002.

The village of Bedzed has energy tips all over the place.

– The wind-altering roof structure acts as a high-tech heat exchanger.

-The vents minimize heat losses and circulate fresh air inside the building.

-It also has the effect of heating the cold air into the house in the winter.

-The windows of all buildings are facing south, so you don’t need to use artificial lighting during the day. When it rains, you can collect rainwater in a storage tank and use it as a toilet or garden water.