Damage and depletion of energy


Fossil fuels are sources that provide most of the energy we use. But, it is not infinite. Based on the amount consumed by humans now, oil reserves are only about 40 years worth of reserves, and natural gas is expected to be depleted in the next 60 years.


As such, oil and natural gas are expected to be depleted in 60 to 100 years, but human fossil fuel consumption continues to increase


coal fuel

As you know we need lots of energy, there is a lot of ways to use it forever but now we can’t use energy forever. It is because most of the energy resources are made by coal fuel, In coal fuels there are lots of problems.


  1.  We can’t use coal fuels forever.

unlike reusable resources oil can’t be used forever. We can use coal for 120 years, oil for 40 years, and we can use Natural gas for only 60 years. So in total of coal fuel you can only use it for 100 years,  that is not small amount but still the energy we need will be getting bigger so it could be 100 years.

  1. It causes global warming

Solar energy and wind and also other energies don’t make any greenhouse gas but when you use coal fuel it cause to make lots of greenhouse gases which causes global warming. If this keeps going the sea water will be getting higher and higher and the land will be smaller then almost 70 percent of the land will be gone.

  1. There is only some place with coal fuels so countries without coal fuels have to live in the incomes of them.

Some countries like Korea can’t get coal fuels in their country. So their country have to stay in incoming. So if the countries who were exporting stops giving coal fuels then countries without coal fuels will get in a big big trouble.

  1. We have to use less coal fuels

Like lots of other energies this coal fuel can’t be used again. That means you can only use it once. So the resources will be run out then we should find other thing to use then that. And it makes you take time and also money. So people have to do the same thing to coal fuels we need to use less energy using coal. Then we can fix few other problems in earth.


nuclear power plant


This energy is energy we can use a lot and we can use it forever. But, not like other things we have to take risk. Not like other energy it takes people’s lives. So we should not use this energy risking people’s lives

  1. radiation

When nuclear power plants are in a normal state, these fission fragments can not escape from the nuclear fuel and are completely protected and shielded, so there is no concern about exposure. However, if nuclear fuel melts and defenses and shielding measures are lost, a huge amount of radioactive material and strong radiation can be released into the environment.

  1. Decay heat

Even if the reactor is stopped and there are no fission occurs, the fissile fragments that have already been generated before the shutdown will continue to generate heat. If the decay heat is not removed from the core through cooling, enormous heat can accumulate to melt the fuel envelope and eventually melt the fuel itself. even if reactor operation is stopped, the reactor should be kept below a certain temperature by continuously removing decay heat.