Salt Energy

Salt Energy You can change the salt into an Energy. If you put salt water in the metal plate it […]

Fossil Fuel

Fossil fuels are are hydrocarbons, primarily coal, fuel oil natural gas formed from the remains for dead plants and animals. […]

Nuclear Power

When you think of Nuclear, it might remind you of Nuclear bombs. Nuclear is also used in making energy. Nuclear […]

Biomass Energy

Biomass Energy plants are rapidly becoming popular. Simply, Biomass energy is generated by burning biomass like trash, wood, etc.This kind […]

Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric Energy is also one of the most biggest renewable energy worldwide. Hydroelectric Energy represents 17% of all electricity production. […]

Wave Energy

Wave Energy is a type of Energy that collects Energy when wave moves hydraulic pump up and down. This type […]

Tidal Energy

When you think of a Tidal Energy, you can think of is as an underwater windmill. Tidal Energy is created […]

Hydrogen Energy

Hydrogen energy is not known to most people but maybe lots of people heard about Hydrogen (H2). Hydrogen is one […]

Wind Energy

Wind power is one of the fastest growing renewable energy worldwide. Wind is used to produce electricity by using the […]