Energy system conversion

Moving away from fossil fuels and nuclear power to the use of renewable energy is called conversion of the energy system.

  1. The ultimate goal of converting energy systems is to get most of the energy we use from renewable energy , To prepare for future energy shortages and to prevent global warming
  1.  Technologies that can use renewable energy sources are currently being developed variously. Solar photovoltaic technology that develops into sunlight, solar panel technology to create heat and hot water using sunlight, wind power generation technology that uses wind to make electricity, and small hydro power technology that uses flowing water are already widely used.
  2. Techniques to obtain electricity and heating heat using geothermal and biomass, technologies to use gas or oil from biomass as fuel for automobiles and heating have been developed and used in our daily lives.
  3. Countries already concerned about exhaustion of fossil fuels and global warming are already preparing for energy conversion. Representative countries are Germany and Denmark in Europe.


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